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Our 52 Red Pills Journey


Eika and Siddharth have embarked on a 52 Weeks Learning Challenge where they have ambitiously penned down a wish-list of topics that they would deep-dive into and cover across the 52 Weeks of 2018. 

The simple idea was- absorb and learn about ONE TOPIC EVERY WEEK and apply the learnings back to their lives.

These were the topics that deeply interest this couple - both diverse and fascinating - from the art of fine coffee to mind maps - from how billionaires think to how pro marathoners train – from mindfulness to marijuana and from ancient medicine to cutting-edge Hematology. In short, Eika and Siddharth want to get (more) Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

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Leader, Thinker, Explorer, Believer, Corporate Mythologist, Writer & Reader, Learner & Coach... Translator of Ancient Wisdom.

• Aham Brahamasmi •


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Business Leader. Brand Builder. Surfing@ intersection of technology & well being. HBS & Chevening. Oxford ExEd. Author. Speaker. Investor.

Carpe Diem

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Eika & Siddharth have delivered #52RedPills inspired Inspiration Sessions across organisations like the Naval War College, HUL, Mondelez, Dale Carnegie, IBM, Google, Josh Talks et al and industry fora like The Marketing Society, CII, etc.

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